Schützengarten adopted Robotic Packaging System

Robotic Packaging

Schützengarten – which is one of Switzerland’s oldest breweries, is making groundbreaking modifications by embracing new technology to stay in touch with current times.

To improve and double the output of the multipacks, Schützengarten is installing a robotic cartooning system. After the implementation in its secondary packaging workflow, the robotic system has enhanced the hourly output of multipacks from 25000 bottles to 35000 bottles.

The company founded in 1779 is one of Switzerland’s oldest brewery, however, it is adopting cutting-edge packaging technology to stay competitive.

The said robotic system is the first setting up of the compact Innopack TLM system, which is mutually developed by Schubert modules and KHS Packers. By combing mechatronic modules, associating with the responsibilities of raising cartons and sealing them, it creates a sizeable saving in the required floor space by excluding the requirement of additional transport units amongst two stations.

By linking the individual modules with a Transmodul robot connector, it delivers continuous transition amongst the two tasks, making the course extremely space-efficient. The Transmodul can move effortlessly because of the continuous power sourcing and wireless communication of data and signals.

The combined system practices a single control panel in addition to alterations done in less than 15 minutes. The system also makes it simultaneously possible to change the set-up on the Schubert modules for cartons while at the same time manufacturing plastic crates on the KHS packer.

The brewery typically creates about 175,000 hectoliters i.e. around 4.6 million gallons of beer in every twelve months. This new packaging system currently allows handling 13 different bottle formats ready to be packed at their plants, in which few of them are reusable and disposable bottles. This makes them fully equipped by providing various range of Schützengarten products.

This new secondary packaging line also permits Schützengarten to course its filling process at its maximum speed. Thus, it has opened up huge scopes and possibilities for the brewing companies who are aiming it increasing sales & enhancing corporate network.

The integrated system was installed on a two-shift operation in about three weeks after pulling apart the former system, hence, the plant can soon commence its production.

Schützengarten’s technical director, Martin Ketterer, says that the company needed the advancement and by adopting this new robotic technology, it has ideally prepared them for future along with equipping with forthcoming conventional businesses.

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