Travis Kalanick CEO of Uber to Take a Sabbatical Leave

CEO of Uber

Uber, the leading technology and online transportation network company is soon expected to see its chief executive officer Travis Kalanick go on a leave for an indefinite period. Reportedly, Mr. Kalanick has already told his staff about his sabbatical leave of absence. In meantime, the company will be freeing him of some of his duties and appoint an independent chairperson to reduce his influence after a surfacing of several scandals. According an online source, Mr Kalanick is taking some time out to greive the recent death of his mother. In the upcoming days, the company will also disclose the results of an investigation probe conducted by Eric Holder who is former US attorney general hired by the company to look into allegations of discrimination, an aggressive culture and  harassment.

After Mr Kalanick returns back to work, the board is planning to limit his role by dividing the work and giving some of the responsibilities to a new position, possibly a chief operating officer. A position the company has been trying to fill for quite some time now but has received no luck. Owing to surfacing of slew of scandals, the company has either removed or lost much of its management staff over the past couple of months. With around over 14,000 employees, the company finds its self in some sort of management crisis. Nevertheless, tech giant is keen on hiring senior level management in the coming months. Recently, Uber has appointed Harvard Business School’s Frances Frei for the position of senior vice-president of strategy and leadership and successfully roped in Wan Ling Martello of Nestle SA’s who will work as an independent director.

Meanwhile, Uber’s arch rival But Lyft Inc. has gained healthy market share in the US with Uber having to resolve its internal strife, giving more scopes to capitalize on the market opportunity. Liane Hornsey, the chief human resource officer at Uber, who joined the company in January believes that company will reform many of its existing policies in the upcoming months. In addition, the company is taking a hard look in its HR practices and workeplace culture, including a revised performance review structure, flexible hours, earlier on-site dinners and more defined guidelines for attaining promotions. Uber hopes to resurrect a better workplace environment and will not repeat the mistakes of the past. However, the compnay will certainly take some time before it could achieve these goals.

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