Microsoft Launches the Most Powerful and Most Expensive Gaming Console

Microsoft and Primechain

Previously known as Project Scorpio, Xbox One X was recently revealed at the press conference of Xbox E3 2017 organised in Los Angeles. The newly launched console by the Microsoft could challenge PlayStation 4 Pro by Sony. Being the most powerful and expensive console in the world, the Xbox One X promises to give excellent gaming experience to the end users. The new console launched by the Microsoft will arrive on November 7, 2017 tagged with a price tag of US$ 499/ £499.

Exclusive Features

Featuring minimalistic black design and sleek structure, the new Xbox One X model will be comparatively small in size as compared to the other models. The newly launched console upgrades the previous technical conditions of the range of models, and will be well configured with all the current games.

Attributed to 6 teraflop processor that will run at 2.3 Ghz custom CPU, GDDR5 memory of 12 GB and 1172 Mhz, the Xbox One X model will be considerably more faster as compared to Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro. Moreover, Xbox One X includes features such as Blu-ray player with ultra-high definition and will allow the end user to play games in the native 4k at sixty frames per one second. The newly launched model further supports surround sound by Dolby Atmos and HDR Lighting effects. The console offers impressive visual fidelity, more detailed scenery and car models, which comprises 4K photos to generate the texture map.

Price Point

Coming to the price point of Microsoft’s new model, Xbox One X is US$ 100 more expensive as compared to PlayStation 4 Pro. The machines in the past were only enhanced in terms of large hard drives, slimline PlayStation and form factors. Previous Xbox One models were lagging behind as compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro, due to which Microsoft is striving to boost its brand awareness and increase sales of its models by launching the most powerful console in the world. Moreover, Microsoft showed 42 titles at its own press conference, out of which 22 were exclusives. If major titles such as Anthem and Metro Exodus and Assassin’s Creed Origins look comparatively better on the newly launched Xbox One X model, the machine could establish itself as the premium choice for hard-core gaming for the audience. Additionally, PlayStation 4 Pro can run 4K movies however, only a fraction of the high-end games run in the 4K resolution. This could offer a competitive advantage to the new model launched by Microsoft. Running 60 frames per second along with features such as 4K resolution and HDR effects could makes its price of US$ 499 reasonable. Until the prices tumbles down, the new model launched by Microsoft will mainly be a luxury purchase.

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