Flair Airlines Acquires NewLeaf Travel Company

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Flair Airlines has recently acquired NewLeaf Travel Company, a deep discount flight provider. This is expected to lead toward greater competition and initially offer lower airfares to Canadian travelers. Ken Beleshko, from Avacon Aviation & Aerospace Consulting, stated that this would be a great move, especially for travelling public. BC-based Flair, Kelowna, stated in a release that it has acquired assets of NewLeaf Travel Company along with its selling, marketing and distribution engine.

Flair Airlines to be Full-Fledged Scheduled Airline by Acquiring NewLeaf Travel Company

This purchase will transform Flair Airlines immediately from being a charter company to full-fledged scheduled airline. Flair Airlines would have their own reservation department, facilities of airport passenger services, and complete control over business operations. Both NewLeaf and Flair have been linked from the time NewLeaf was launched in summer 2016, charging just US$ 59 for one way flights between Canadian cities including Winnipeg, Hamilton, Edmonton, Halifax, and Abbotsford.

Flair is focusing on creating its presence in new destinations in 2017, coupled with releasing winter and fall domestic schedule. Acquisition of NewLeaf establishes Flair as third national airline of Canada, providing service from coast to coast. The company recently found itself at the centre of a controversy, as one of its operators was seen to take part in “The Mexican Game”. An investigation by CBC news discovered Air Transact-directed Flair misleading passengers and aviation authorities in terms of unscheduled stops of flights from Mexico.

Provision of Frequent and Improved Services Essential for Flair Airlines

On behalf of Air Transact, those flights were being operated by Flair, however aircrafts could not make it back to Canada without stopping to refuel, in some cases. Passengers on those flights registered complaints about Flair’s aircraft, stating that the planes were unclean, lacked modern amenities, had rickety seats, and the toilets malfunctioned. For making this venture successful, Beleshko believes that they would have to provide frequent and improved service across major city pairings including Montreal-Toronto, Edmonton-Calgary, and Vancouver-Toronto.

Beleshko expects Flair to make an attempt in competing with WestJet as well as Air Canada by providing regional short-haul services between cities such as Winnipeg and Saskatoon. This would compel WestJet and Air Canada to reduce their prices and offer more flights with more amenities, according to Beleshko. The aviation history of Canada is littered with airlines, which either failed in getting off the ground, or, went out of business. Beleshko stated that Flair/NewLeaf would face innumerable challenges and hopes investors to have staying power, as it would be a long and tough haul.

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